About Quill Gardens

Welcome to Statia’s best kept secret

Quill Gardens is a luxurious upscale retreat packed with surprises. As you drive to Quill Gardens, you will be amazed by the stunning views which abound. Nestled on a dormant volcano, Quill Gardens has a bird’s eye view of Zeelandia Beach, where the Atlantic Ocean collides with the Caribbean Sea. This gated ‘boutique’ accommodation is packed with charm.

While you wait for the electric gate to slide open you have your first view of Quill Garden’s beautifully landscaped grounds with the cobalt blue sea lingering in the distance.
To the right there is an inviting swimming pool with plenty of lounge chairs to relax in and upscale parasols to keep the sun at bay.

The building, which features 8 suites on two levels, is connected to the pool area by a spacious terra cotta tiled terrace where guests can mingle, read a book or just enjoy the stunning views. Meals are also served here at a large family style dining table under a turquoise blue ceiling which compliments the sea in the distance and adds a cool note to this comfortable space.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

The building is grand in scale. It covers a large plot and features thick walls which keep the heat out and the cool in. Expansive terraces, weathered wood multi-glass paned windows and doors are to be found throughout this beautiful property. Each suite is suitably large and are all perfect for business travelers, divers or people who are looking for a place to relax.

The grounds are meticulously cared for and boast many types of native plants. There are secret nooks waiting to be discovered by curious visitors. Sit under one of Statia’s largest Flamboyant trees while feeling the gentle trade winds following their eternal path. Find an old mailbox accidentally boxed inside Quill Gardens’ walls… waiting for a letter which will never come. Wander down the myriad of paths which feature centuries old brick details. Bricks which were used as ballast in tall ships which left the bricks so they could buy extravagant treasures which were to be found on Statia when it was a tax-free haven.



Quill Gardens welcomes business travelers, divers and people who just want some time away from the hectic pace of the modern world. From the moment you step onto our grounds, you will feel welcome and at home. We offer different packages which aim to accommodate the varying needs of all of our clients. You can choose to be picked up at the airport, rent one of our cars, join us for breakfast served Monday thru Friday (Saturday and Sunday breakfast is served at the Old Gin House in Lower Town).

Dinner is also an occasion at Quill Gardens. From Monday thru Thursday dinner is prepared by our chef who has international experience. Meals are prepared according to available seasonal ingredients. One meal is cooked for everyone, but of course dietary considerations are taken into account upon request. Quill Gardens’ meals are only prepared for visitors and specially invited guests. During the week we only allow 15 people to have dinner together as this keeps the conversation intimate and lively.

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